Thursday, November 26, 2009

26/11 2009

As everyone knows. Yesterday was 26th November 2009, a year from the tragic incident. So, yesterday I went to gateway and trident. Uploaded some photo’s in here.

An Experience

A friends dad is in hospital, and open heart surgery. And he needed blood from 4 people. His blood group was Opositive, but still he was not able to manage 4 people who could have done it.

I went in for blood donation as well. But after the test it turns out that I was 0.5% low on hemoglobin. After that moment. I felt so terribly bad. Like I am some kind of infection or something. A person needs blood and I am enough blood to give him but because of some deficiency I am not able to help him in way. It seemes useless sitting there and consoling my friend.

Luckily we were able to manage enough friend to donate blood. And all is all fine now. The surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am

Hope everything works out well.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Few quotes for the terriorists!

Tabaah karne ke kabhi baad jhaank Lena wo manjar..Tum na hote to kabhi shamshaan nahi rote.Kitna bhi chaho yaad rakh Lena Ek hi dharti ke do aasman nahi hote! Stop Terrorism!

Kya Hindu kya Muslim..Jo benaam marte hain kya insaan nahi hote Ek bachche ke jism ko khareed lete hain Jo log Un logon ke to imaan kya bhagwan nahi hote! Stop Terror!

Our Generation Stands for Choice: We can't let Terrorists Take away! Remember United We Stand Divided We Fall! Fight Terror! STOP another 26/11!

If you Don't STAND behind out Troops, Feel Free to Stand in Front of Them! Fight Terrorism with Justice, Not Hate! Say No To Terror!

Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it! Say No to Terrorism!

Fighting terrorism is like being a goalkeeper. You can make a 100 brilliant saves but the only shot that we remember is the one that gets past you! Stop Terror!

Terrorism is the price of empire. If you do not wish to pay the price, you must give up the empire. Join Hands, Help Fight Terror!


Last year, this very day was like any other. But what happened the next day was something that no Mumbaikar would ever forget.

I was at a friends birthday party, and came home around 8pm. Things were cool at that time. I came surfed the net watched tv and was about to sleep when I got a sms from a friend about the attack in taj hotel and oberoi. For like a minute I didn’t understand anything. I went through the sms again. And I could make out that this was not a prank on me or anything so I switched on the tv and it was really shocking what ever they were showing on tv. I was dumbstruck for the next 15mins. A terriorist attack in Mumbai? No way that’s not possible it took me a while to let the news sink in my mind and heart. That night I could hardly get sleep. I called up the closed once, if case they were somewhere out and not aware of the situation. luckily all were safe.

I slept at 3 in the morning and when I woke up at 7 in the morning I woke up to the news of the death of hemant karkare. Mom told me that she knew him. it was another shocking moment for me. And one after the other getting news about fire and hand grenades and firing in these hotels and VT station and everything. I just wanted to go out there and kill those bastards.

I had never seen anything like that in my whole life. The next day they were going to give their final goodbye to Mr. karkare. I knew I had to go there and I had to go there and salute that man for his bravery. Thought I didn’t get to see him, but I atleast got to be there when he was leaving this earth forever. I have taken a video which I have uploaded. and after that I decided to go to taj hotel and oberoi trident. I have taken some pics there as well, I have uploaded those.

The thing was, while going there I could not see a single civilian other than the journalists who had come there to capture the live situation there for their news channels, I could see 100 of police men with grim faces and the military. It was like I was at a war front. I was not sure if they would allow me to go there but atleast they allowed me to where the news channel people were there. It was breath taking experience. I could see those rescued people sitting in a group still in the shock of what had happened, and what could have happened. I felt my eyes go wet when I realized what they had gone through. I still get Goosebumps when I think of what I had seen that day, and trust me It was way different then what tv channels show us,. The mixture of shock and panic and relief that its all over now and the respect you feel like giving to all those cops who helped us together is way different. I am getting Goosebumps as I am tying this as well.

I just hope these terriorist understand that this is not going to help them in anyway. I still don’t get the point of why these people are even there. What the hell is their problem?

I could not write anymore. I would just like to let the government and everyone whose reading this know that we have still not forgotten that day… and we need some actions against it. More security!

That 3 day, ill never forget in my whole life. And that few hours I spent near taj and oberoi that feeling that will stay with me forever. And I would like to say that I am proud of my nation and also those people who laid down their life’s for the country.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey, so today had gone to a wedding. Telling you when a girl starts getting into her 20’s something ( I am 18 but still they act like I am 20 something ) everyone in the family and also the long lost cousins and uncle aunties start talking about your marriage. And if you are meeting them in a wedding then the most common sentence you’ll hear it “ you are next”, and I go WHAT THE F**K!

And the problem with my family is that I am the only GIRL left to get married, all others are either happily married or are still in kindergarden. So everyone is super exited about my marriage. And today was like any other family gathering. With all the aunties trying to show off their saaris and uncles having a matured talk and cousins with their wife and small kids trying to get used to the MATURE talk ie being next to those uncles and aunties in a couple of years. Every one I met started taking up the topic of my marriage. And with all the hello’s and hi’s and namaste’s and touching elders feet and more “what are you doing now?” and stuff I am totally tired.

I wish they would understand that I am still young. Marriage is like atleast 5 years from now. But yes onething, they guy who was getting married was something like 24 or 25 and they both looked so perfect together. For a moment even I wanted to get married that very moment. Actually as I am thinking about it now, I am ready to get married even now, if its gonna be that perfect like how they both were. Aww…

Hmm.. I was thnking about getting married when I was 28 something, but I guess ill reduce the deadline to 26 or 27 :D

So now I want to get married when I am 26 or 27 J hope this wish comes true.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Award Time.....

Hey people, its award time. I got this award from the girl next door. So I would love to thank her for this award. Its always been a pleasure receiving awards!

There are some rules for this award, and they are as follows –

1. Thank whoever gave this to you

2. Copy award

3. Post it in your blog

4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. Link 7 new bloggers

6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. Most of all - Keep being awesome!

So as I have already done the first 3, ill go to the 4th one. That is 7 things that you don’t know about me.

1 – I am a die hard fan of harry potter.

2 – I love my boyfriend dog more than my boyfriend.

3 – I love the color “ blue”

4 – my favorite cuisine is pizzas ( I know it comes under Italian but I love only pizzas and nothing else under Italian cuisine) and Chinese and I love mouglai food.

5- I cant live without internet and my laptop and my cell phone.

6 – I love taking pictures. If it would have been in my hand I would have captured every single moment of my life.

And finally the 7th one.

7 – I am die hard romantic.

Now its time to give away the award to 7 other bloggers, so the award goes too…

1 – sid

2 – chronicwriter


4 - *SHREYA*

5 – kasabiangirl

6 – kaddu

7 – LAN

Sunday, November 15, 2009

angry... really???

“I am angry on you”, she said. Yes but why? Tell me what happened? He asked her. they were at his place with some friends, friends were out in the balcony talking while they both were indoors trying to sort out the problem. “I am leaving, I don’t wanna talk to you”, she said and reached forward to take her bag. He tried to stop her and pulled the bag back. While they were playing pulling the bag, she lost her balance and her head hit the wall.

She started crying. As her head started to ache a lot. He rushed to the kitchen and got some ice to apply on her head. “I don’t want your help, ill do it on my own”, she said angrily. “shut up, lemme do it, its my duty to look after you”, he said and continued applying ice. Later when he had applied the ice and she was feeling better. She looked up to him and saw that his eyes were full of tears. “why are you crying? What happened?”, she asked amazed. “ cant see you in pain”, he said and kissed her on her forehead.

That very moment, all the anger vanished. They hugged eachother other, sat down and had a really nice talk.